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Change Lives with CURE Ethiopia

We’re on a mission to reach and heal more children living with treatable conditions. Join us!

Be Part of the Healing Journey

A talented team of doctors, nurses, therapists, administrators, and ministry leaders—just to name a few—help provide life-changing surgeries and compassionate care to more than 700 children living with disabilities each year. Explore our job openings below and learn how you can be part of the helping kids heal.

Director of Biomedical Equipment Services

CURE International's dedication to advancing pediatric healthcare in underserved regions drives our relentless pursuit of excellence. As we expand our Children's Hospital Network, a critical need arises: the development, establishment, and management of our biomedical services support. This endeavor demands a seasoned leader with a deep understanding of healthcare systems and a track record of operational excellence.

We seek an individual whose professional acumen is matched only by their unwavering commitment to our mission. As Director of Biomedical Equipment Services, you will be entrusted with the pivotal responsibility of ensuring the seamless operation and regulatory compliance of our medical equipment infrastructure. Your leadership will be instrumental in safeguarding the quality of care provided to our young patients, empowering our clinical teams to deliver exceptional outcomes.

Join us in our pursuit to alleviate suffering and restore hope to children in need. If you possess the expertise, passion, and dedication required to excel in this role, we invite you to explore this opportunity to make a lasting impact on pediatric healthcare worldwide.

This position will be an on-continent remote role in Africa with more than 40% travel to the CURE hospital locations. Relocation benefits are not provided. All work required travel and accommodations are covered by CURE.


The Director of Biomedical Services (DBES) is responsible for providing leadership and maintaining administrative and operational responsibility for the Biomedical Equipment Services across the CURE Hospital Network and Mission Support Center. Responsibilities include specification formulation, testing, utilization, preventive maintenance, pre-purchase evaluation, and repair of all biomedical equipment to assure the optimum use and availability of such equipment. The DBES maintains and expands a relevant vendor and training partner network to obtain up-to-date information about new products, equipment upgrades and training materials and methods. The DBES has oversight over the biomedical co-workers, coordinates the biomedical asset management and reporting process, provides onsite hospital support as needed and is responsible for the design and facilitation of biomedical training.


Core Essential Functions:

  1. Manages and coordinates daily biomedical equipment service operations across the Hospital Network that provides lifecycle management of biomedical clinical and testing equipment including safety testing, repair, maintenance, and user support. 
  2. Responsible for establishing standards and procedures for equipment maintenance, testing, calibration, documentation, and inventory processes across the Hospital Network. 
  3. Responsible for providing technical leadership and developing applicable training resources for Biomedical Engineers and other relevant clinical / medical co-workers to ensure correct and safe operations of all equipment and devices across the Hospital Network.
  4. Maintains total administrative responsibility for the optimum use of all biomedical equipment used across the Hospital Network, including participation in the development of and monitoring of all biomedical equipment contracts in which CURE is involved.
  5. Establishes operating guidelines for all services in compliance with CURE and Governing bodies, and established business and hospital practices and procedures. 
  6. Develops and implements management reporting systems within designated areas of responsibility.
  7. Performs and supervises inspections of all new biomedical equipment to assure compliance with specifications, requisite operational and safety standards.
  8. Develops evaluation criteria and conducts pre-purchase evaluation to select equipment. 
  9. Develops and approves specifications and performance of new biomedical equipment and determines its suitability for utilization and compatibility with existing equipment.
  10. Plans the purchase and installation, as well as, assurance of compatibility, certification of performance and monitoring of service agreements.
  11. Supervises and trains biomedical technicians in the inspection, preventive maintenance, and repair of all equipment.
  12. Schedules staffing to insure adequate coverage of biomedical equipment services across the Hospital Network.
  13. Participates in preparation of those portions of the annual Hospital Network budget related to Biomedical Equipment Services.
  14. Develops methods for KPI reporting and quality control across the Hospital Network.
  15. Attends conferences, seminars, and meetings as necessary.

Customer Service

  1. Maintain an open channel of communication with all clients. Ensure issues/concerns raised by customers are dealt with in an efficient and responsive manner. 
  2. Provide a high-level customer interface for complex technical and clinical issues. 
  3. Maintain the highest levels of integrity and professionalism in dealing with clients.
  4. Take the lead in proactive communication with clients regarding services as well as performance or other issues relating to the contract. 
  5. Provide feedback to management as needed on unique client requirements and opportunities to expand the client relationship.

Human Resources 

  1. Maintain management responsibility for all direct reports and provide an environment of ongoing co-worker development. 
  2. Be a technical leader and provide direction to ensure the organization achieves its objectives and responsibilities. 
  3. Ensure the coaching, mentoring and development of all direct reports. 
  4. Ensure direct reports are fully equipped to undertake the functions of the job.
  5. Ensure all direct reports complete documentation in a timely and efficient manner.
  6. Ensure that all resources are fully and efficiently utilized.
  7. Ensure direct reports compliance with all company policies, relevant Standards, and customer processes.

Key Relationships

  1. High levels of internal communication and interaction with all direct and indirect reports. 
  2. Work as a team player and demonstrate loyalty to colleagues and the organization. 
  3. Maintain professional relationships with all internal and external stakeholders and establish a solid network of key partners for training, mentoring and maintenance purposes.


  1. Accountability for quality outcomes, standards of patient care, performance improvement, process management, provider satisfaction, business operations, resource utilization, and management development.
  2. Regularly search for and identify opportunities for delivering high customer satisfaction.
  3. Establish metrics to monitor performance of the area of responsibility, and ensure operational metrics are collected and reviewed on a regular basis with the CPO.
  4. Proactively stay well-versed on Biomedical Equipment Services developments and initiatives, providing guidance and recommendations to the CPO.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and/or Biomedical Equipment Technician (BMET), seven years of experience in the design, operation, repair and maintenance of biomedical and/or electronic equipment, two years of which must have been at the supervisory, managerial, or administrative level in an international NGO.
  2. Proof of relevant experience in training, mentoring, and building a full-fledged Biomedical Equipment Services department is highly preferred.
  3. Extensive knowledge of the function of Biomedical Services systems and processes required.
  4. Fluent in the English language (C1 or C2 level).
Orthopedic Spine Surgeon - Pediatric Specialty


CURE International is seeking an experienced pediatric orthopedic spine surgeon who is interested in playing a critical role in the development of a first-of-its-kind operative spinal program at its hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We are committed to finding the right person for this role; therefore, we will consider qualified candidates interested in either a full-time or part-time, flexible schedule. 

CURE is a faith-based non-profit organization operating a network of eight children’s hospitals throughout Africa and the Philippines. We provide world-class surgical care and intentional spiritual care to children living with treatable disabilities, all of which is free of charge to the patients and their families. 

The pediatric orthopedic spine surgeon will contribute to the important work of transforming the lives of many children who would otherwise face a lifetime of disability, pain and discrimination. We are seeking a missionally-aligned spine specialist who will embrace this unique opportunity and who possesses a desire to train the next generation of spine specialists in Ethiopia. 


  1. Assess patients with musculoskeletal disability, taking and recording a salient history, examination and formulating an appropriate management plan including relevant investigations and surgical or non-operative management.
  2. Diagnose and treat spinal disorders, identifying ways to preserve pain-free function through treatment and surgical intervention.
  3. Participate in traveling to mobile clinics in different parts of the country as organized by the hospital and assigned to by the head of orthopedics.
  4. Treat patients and families with care and respect, adhering to the highest standards of medical ethics.
  5. When surgical management is appropriate, undertaking careful consent, clarifying to the patient (where appropriate) and family member the nature of the condition and procedure that is advised, the risks, possible alternatives and nature of anesthesia required.
  6. Create pre-operative plans for each surgery, and where necessary, discuss with colleagues the surgical plans.
  7. Provide a high standard of surgical care, adhering to the highest standards of sterile operative technique while creating a cohesive team environment centered on safety and quality care.
  8. Record each step of patient care in the Electronic Medical Record and/or inpatient paper charts.
  9. Recognize complications that arise and respond appropriately, including discussing the event with the Medical Director and reporting it in the quarterly Morbidity and Mortality meetings.
  10. Ensure a high level of patient and staff safety is upheld at all times.
  11. Participate actively in the training activities of the hospital and willingly engage in quality improvement projects, audit and research.
  12. Be instrumental in developing the spine service at CURE Ethiopia that is safe and sustainable with training an integral part of the practice.
  13. Actively participate in the development of a Spine training program to include teaching and mentoring of students, residents, and fellows.
  14. Collaborate with international institutions to further support the development of a spine program.


  1. Medical degree from a qualified, recognized medical institution.
  2. Completed an accredited residency in orthopedic surgery.
  3. Completed a pediatric orthopedic fellowship with training in spinal surgery.
  4. Current and unrestricted medical license.
  5. At least 3 years experience in a private or hospital practice.
  6. Moderate ability with the English language required, fluency preferred.
  7. Ability to communicate effectively and professionally across cultures and language barriers.
  8. Strong interest in teaching and training.

Learn more about working at CURE Ethiopia

CURE Ethiopia’s mission is to provide every child living with a disability the physical, emotional, and spiritual care they need to heal.

CURE staff

Where physical and spiritual care happens

Your vocation is what you’re put on this earth by God to do. CURE offers unique opportunities for you to use your passion, skills, and talents for a greater purpose—caring for kids both physically and spiritually.

CURE Values

CURE’s core values guide our approach to providing medical and spiritual care for children, serving their families, and partnering with local organizations. Demonstrating God’s love in word and deed is at the heart of all we do.


Christ-like Compassion

We respond to meet the need of children and families with kindness, mercy, and healing.


Faithfulness in Prayer

We pray to God who alone is the source of changed lives and transformed communities.


Joy in Service

We love serving children and helping them live life to its fullest.


Steadfast Integrity

We do the right thing and keep our promises.


Intentional Relationships

We humbly collaborate with our patients, partners, and colleagues for multiplied impact.


Commitment to Excellence

We strive to deliver the highest standard of care and professionalism in our work.

What to Expect When You Apply

Step 1. Apply

Applicants submit an application form and upload a current CV (resume).

Step 2. Application Review

The hiring team will screen applications.

Step 3: Initial Screening

Candidates of interest will be asked to complete additional questionnaires and submit references.

Step 4: Interviews

Positively screened applicants will be interviewed by the hiring team. If there is a possible match, candidates will be invited to the hospital for final interviews.

Step 5: Decision!

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CURE Ethiopia provides physical, emotional, and spiritual care to children living with treatable disabilities. Please contact us if you have questions about becoming a patient or a partner with CURE.

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