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Nutritional Support

In every country where CURE works, we aim to ensure that every child with a treatable disability can reach their full potential through God’s hope and healing.

CURE serves children and families living in some of the most challenging contexts in the world, where they experience severe levels of hunger and malnutrition. Children with disabilities are among the most vulnerable, and they often arrive at CURE malnourished. To undergo life-changing surgery and flourish in recovery and beyond, children must receive proper nutrition to reach and maintain a healthy and safe weight.

CURE hospitals are set apart from other medical facilities in underserved countries not only by the high-level, compassionate care we provide but also by the provision of food to our patients, caregivers, and staff. CURE serves all patients and caregivers at the hospital three meals a day. These meals provide patients the nutrients they need to improve their overall health and recover successfully from surgery. CURE’s hospital kitchens serve more than 630,000 meals each year, feeding, on average, over 100,000 people.

At CURE Ethiopia, there is a nutritionist on staff that counsels caregivers and parents on proper nutrition.  This is essential for the cleft palate patients we treat where they are provided with a special bottle for feeding.

child in a wheelchair eating food

What are the outcomes of successful nutritional support?

Children experience better surgical outcomes as nutritional supplements prepare their bones and bodies for surgery.


Children recover from surgery and regain mobility more quickly with balanced nutrition.

Children and families experience healthier lifestyles as caregivers and local healthcare workers receive education on proper nutrition.

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CURE Ethiopia provides physical, emotional, and spiritual care to children living with treatable disabilities. Please contact us if you have questions about becoming a patient or a partner with CURE.

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