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Ministry Outreach

In every country where CURE works, we aim to ensure that every child with a treatable disability can reach their full potential through God’s hope and healing.

When treatable conditions become life-limiting disabilities–as they often do for children without access to medical care–it typically brings shame and negatively impacts emotional health. At every stage of the process, CURE’s team provides compassionate care to patients and families.

CURE Ethiopia has a counseling director who oversees bedside counseling, counseling through art and play therapy, and patient follow-ups to address the spiritual, social, and psychosocial needs of children and their families which also includes trauma counseling. CURE provides print and audio materials to strengthen the spiritual well-being of patients and their families. We also establish connections in the community to provide spiritual care for children. Through mobile clinics, our doctors and ministry teams reach children and their families in more remote villages to conduct medical screenings and share the love of God. And CURE’s spiritual directors train local pastors on how to biblically view and support the integration of children and people with disabilities into their congregations and communities.

What are the outcomes of successful ministry outreach?

Children and their families experience transformation as they come to understand God’s great love for them and grow in their faith.

Pastors and church leaders are equipped with a biblical understanding of disability and with the tools necessary to respond to the needs of people with disabilities.

Contact Us

CURE Ethiopia provides physical, emotional, and spiritual care to children living with treatable disabilities. Please contact us if you have questions about becoming a patient or a partner with CURE.

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