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In every country where CURE works, we aim to ensure that every child with a treatable disability can reach their full potential through God’s hope and healing.

Globally, children with disabilities are among the most vulnerable, marginalized groups. They are often isolated and hidden away, living in darkness, facing rejection and even abuse. Families and kids often experience shame as they are viewed as cursed and responsible for their condition. They come to CURE having lived through trauma and carrying physical, social, and spiritual burdens.

The children at CURE hospitals receive life-changing surgical care regardless of economic status, tribe, or religious beliefs. And, they also hear, often for the first time, of their worth and value in God’s eyes. CURE trains our medical staff to provide the counseling and support patients need to process and heal from trauma and successfully reintegrate back into their communities after treatment. In addition, we provide the counseling and support caregivers need to help their child reach their full potential.

What are the outcomes of successful counseling support?

Families and children take a step toward mental and emotional well-being as they receive the support and counseling they need.


Children with disabilities reach their full potential and gain confidence as they understand their God-given worth and value.

Children receive a new perspective on the value they bring to their communities, increasing their dignity and self-esteem.

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CURE Ethiopia provides physical, emotional, and spiritual care to children living with treatable disabilities. Please contact us if you have questions about becoming a patient or a partner with CURE.

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